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7 things: a new weekly category.

Let me introduce to you a new category on the blog called „7 things„! What is it? It’s a weekly flashback, with space for each day of a week! You know, it can be anything, from a picture taken with my iPhone or my camera, to a quote I like, or some random facts about me. Why? Because I always have so many things on my mind and other pictures than outfits to share with you. This might be a good way to get more personal and to add new content to my personal style blog. Also 7 is my lucky number. Since this is post number one, I will start with some iPhone pictures taken during week 47 of this year. Now let’s caption the first picture…

#BREAKFAST: Gala created Gala Look, a new magazine with focus on star styles and a great layout! I read it while having some yummy Nutella and toasts for breakfast! Perfect way to start a day…

#HAMBURG: On monday and tuesday I spent two days off in my good old hometown. Of course it was raining cats and dogs, but never mind, I didn’t expect it to be another way 😉 I spent some quality with my beloved mommy, with who I talked about my blogging business a lot. Unfortunately she’s not into internet and using her computer at all, haha! So whenever we met she wants to see my latest blog posts. We went shopping clothes for her and had some yummy cakes at my favorite café Beanie Bee. Also I had lunch at L’Osteria with one of my best friends. Yummy!

#iPHORIA: I’ve received the coolest iPhone case ever! It looks like a giant Chanel nail polish and so I just had to take this pictures with lots of nail polishes. Check out iPhoria to see more cool stuff 🙂

#WINTERCOAT: About two weeks ago I found this black coat with faux fur collar by Tom Tailor. It was love at first sight, because of its cut and simplicity. The price was 160€ and I thought it’s okay, because this was a coat I would definitely wear for more that only one winter season. First I wanted to spend no more than 100€ on a coat, but since I couldn’t find a cheaper and better one, I bought this one. But truth to be told, this coat seems to have no good quality. Grrrr! The first day I wore it, a button fell off, the second day another button. Also, a leather detail attached on the zipper fell off as well and I’m kind of pissed. To me spending 160€ on a coat is a lot and for this price I expect it to be good quality. This is not a cheap Primark coat, where I would expect such bad quality, you now what I mean?!

#NEWIN: The past weeks our postman was kind of busy with delivering gifts and parcels! I’m sure he thinks I am a shopaholic or totally crazy. But no, luckily some agencies and companies treat me really nice and send out goodies and stuff. Last week I received some pretty cool things, like the Nike’s or a ghd hair styler! But as you know „sharing is caring“ which means that I am working on give-aways for you too. Soon to come…

#SHOOTING: Here’s my hair and make-up from yesterday’s shooting for New Yorker Magazine! Two years ago I already worked with New Yorker on some Street Style Looks. Now it is time again and I am excited to show you the results soon 🙂

#RANDOMFACT: Right now I am totally addicted to the series „The Walking Dead„!!! Yesterday my boy and I started watching the third season, which is super thrilling so far! Actually I don’t like zombie stuff, loads of blood or brutality on TV – but with closing my eyes from time to time, it is more than fine, because this series has a fascinating story plus some great and complex characters.

PS: If you have some ideas for this new category (what do you want to see/ know/ read) – feel free to let me know by commenting down here or by sending me an email to hoardoftrends@gmail.com! Thanks!

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  1. Take the coat back to the store and ask for a new one / refunds! That’s the least you deserve after spending that much money!

  2. Ich würde versuchen den Mantel zurückbringen. Bei dem Preis darf es nicht sein, dass ein Mantel sich in seine Einzelteile zerlegt nachdem man ihn ein paar Mal getragen hat. Unverschämtheit und verdammt schlechte Qualitätskontrolle…

  3. Ich würde den Mantel auch zurückbringen! 😉 ich finde die neue Kategorie super, vielleicht kannst du ja eine Zusammenstellung machen, also dass du jedes Mal z.B. einen Song, ein Kleidungsstück usw postest – was dir halt in der Woche besonders gefallen hat? 🙂

    Liebe Grüße,

    * eleonoras blog *

  4. Ahh ahh I’m massive on this serie too…Lovin‘ it for the story its breth taking sometimes also I’m a Mac Makeup artist so I guess you know why I will love it …

  5. Schöne Idee 🙂 Frühstück und Nutella ist mir sehr wichtig 😉 xx


  6. Ich finde die Nikes total klasse!


  7. What a great blog 🙂

    We can follow each other, let me know 🙂