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7 things: week 13.


It’s the end of march already, which means that my birthday is just around the corner… 8 more days, but I already got myself a little pre-birthday present…

#INLOVE My sister showed me these beautiful Nike’s some days ago, she bought them and I fell in love with them too. I wanted to get my hands on some Nike Roshe Run’s for a long time but I’ve never found the perfect pair, until now. The palm tree print is just perfect for summer time…

#PAREEE As you already now I started my week with a short trip to Paris again! Click here to see the full travel diary! 🙂


#PERFECTION This tasted as good as it looked! It was just perfect and this is definitely my new favorite place in my neighbor hood…


#BIKINI Got myself a neon pink bikini at H&M. Can’t wait to wear it 🙂


#BERLIN How beautiful the Brandenburger Tor looks at night….


#OOTD A picture from friday night’s outfit. My friend Nici, my boyfriend and I went to a birthday party… Unusual to see me with a pony tail, no?

7things_13_tbt#THROWBACK It has already been a year since my roadtrip on the US West Coast, including a visit at Grand Canyon. I have never seen anything more beautiful and peaceful that this!


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  1. What better way than start your week with a trip to Paris! That pink bikini looks perfect for summer too and gosh it’s been ages since I’ve seen the Grand Canyon, I’d go back any day if I could 😀
    Maya – Archistas

    1. Hehe, yes indeed =) And I would love to go back to Grand Canyon too and to the US in general at any time <3

  2. Sweet!


  3. I really love your ‚7 things‘-posts!
    The bikini is awesome& I’m going to read your travel diary right now!
    xo Lyn

    1. Thanks a lot Lyn 🙂