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7 things: week 17.


Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend so far! I went out with my friends last night after a long day of work. Today it’s all about relaxing a little bit and it’s also time for my 7 things…

#ROSES A perfect match of my feet tattoo and the pretty roses in my hand! And talking about tattoos, I feel like I need to contintue the work on my arm..

#QUOTE I saw this quote sometime ago and had to save it in one of my tumblr folders. It was to small to upload it on the blog and so I did it by myself. „It’s okay to be: nice…“ But this week I realized once more at my other job that too many people out there are not nice or friendly at all. I mean, is it really so hard to say „hi“ or „thank you“?


#LOVEIT Now I have two of these suede leather espadrilles from Pavement (a danish brand), in beige and navy! And now it’s even harder to choose which color I should wear. The weather is perfect right now for wearing them, and did I meantion that they are very comfortable?


#FOOD Nooom nom nooom! I went to Monsieur Vuong with a good friend of mine for dinner, after shooping way too much we were hungry and in the mood for Vientamese food! I can only recommend to you this place! They have the best limonade and a great veggie glass noodle salad <3


#NEVERENOUGH I really have a thing for ankle boots!! Totally fell in love with this pair of black leather ankle boots at &Other Stories the other day! They are similar to my Acne Pistol Boots, but the heel is higher. Now the question is: Should I keep them or not??

sunnies#SUNNIES On Friday I went to Mister Spex headquarters to choose my favorite sunglasses and to visit lovely Marlen! Do you remember that about 2 weeks ago I went to their blogger event? At that day I also had to catch my flight to Copenhagen so I wasn’t able to attend the whole event, including choosing a pair of sunnies. The new spring/summer collection is simply amazing and it was not easy to choose only one from all these sunnies… 🙂


#YUMMY It was sushi time again this week. After a stressful and long day at work I had to order some veggie sushi at Papa No again. SO SO GOOD! And since I love sharing me food pictures with you, this one had to be part of my 7 things as well 😀

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  1. I really liked reading this post! And wow I love those ankle boots!

  2. Deine 7 things Posts gefallen mir richtig gut.
    Das mit dem Freundlichsein scheint vor allem vielen Deutschen ein Problem zu bereiten.
    Ich war die letzten 2 Wochen in Amerika und es hat mich mal wieder total überrascht wie unglaublich unfreundlich die Deutschen eigentlich sind.
    Die Espandrilles sind übrigens der Hammer. Wirklich toll 🙂

    xx Julia

    P.S. Auf meinem Blog gibt es momentan ein Gewinnspiel für einen 50 € Mydays Gutschein für ein Erlebnis deiner Wahl ! Hast du vielleicht Lust mitzumachen ?


  3. I love reading your ‚7 things‘-posts!
    xo Lyn

  4. So Lovely… 🙂

    ILOVE These 7things posts…!


  5. Nimm die Boots auf jeeeeden Fall! Ich hab sie bei &Other Stories entdeckt, mich verliebt, sie bestellt und mich nochmal verliebt als sie endlich da waren. Trotzdem des hohen Absatzes angenehm zu tragen und die Qualität ist super!

  6. Huch… *trotz! 😛