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7 things: week 18.

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After beeing on the road at the beginning of this week, it ended with beeing sick at home. This #7things post is all about my travels, healthy food and a couple-selfie… More after the jump!

#BREAKFAST Above you can see what my breakfast looked like at the beginning of the week. Super healthy! I started feeling sick, so I had lots of tea and even more fruits. The fresh tulips my boyfriends bought made me feel better immediately 🙂
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#LOVE This boy means the world to me! Simply the best thing that ever happened to me. I love this to the moon and back…
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#BERLIN On my way to Munich I took this picture: Berlin from above! If you look close enough you can see the TV Tower. Love this view so much. Oh, but by night it is so much better…
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#DETAILS A detail shot of my accessories: wearing my Balenciaga Giant Hip bag, Balenciaga bracelet, a YSL vintage wallet and H&M Ring!
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#TRAVEL On Wednesday I drove to beautiful Braunschweig with a friend of mine who had a job interview there. Afterwards we did some shopping, had some lunch and on our way back home to Berlin we decided to stop by at another city… Where? Go to the next picture to see 🙂

#MAGDEBURG It was (almost) on our way from Braunschweig to Berlin. So we stopped by in Magdeburg for about 1 hour. The sun was still shining and I totally fell in love with this city and its architecture! Some corners remind me of Paris, ahaha! I definitely have to come back to spend some time in this super lovely city..
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#SMOOTHIE This week was all about healthy food, smoothies, vitamins and fruits. I had lots of green smoothies, like this one with banana, apple and spinach. Yummy!

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  1. looovely pictures!

  2. Tolle Eindrücke!!


    1. Danke =)

  3. Tolle Eindrücke! Gute Besserung

    1. Dankeschön!

  4. Hello Magdalena! i discover your lovely blog today and I have to say : I really like it, your pictures and your universe. You’re a beautiful and inspiring woman, thank you for sharing some pics of your life!
    I will comme back often, for sure!
    Have a lovely week!



    1. Hi Zadig, thank you so much for your lovely words! You make me blush!
      I am glad that you like my blog =)