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7 things: week 4.

#SMILE: Starting this #7things post with a picture of Lydia and me from last sunday, taken after a fun shooting for sisterMAG in cooperation with Essie. You will see the results soon. My highlight was that finally I got to know the adorable photographer Zoe Noble, who I followed on Instagram and Facebook for sooo long. Thanks to sisterMAG we finally managed to work together… 🙂

#NAILPOLISH: These pretty Essie nail polish where playing the main role in our Shooting for sisterMAG! A new and limited collection that will be available in February…

#FINALLYMINE: The wait is over! Finally I got myself the Canon 70D 🙂 My New Year’s resolutions where to buy a new camera and to work on a new blog layout, both very important for a fashion blog and high quality. Step 1 of 2 is done. This is the first look my boy shot with it and there are many more to come. I am very happy with this purchase and with the quality of the pictures! It is so much fun now to take pictures, waaay better than my old Canon 500d (which I will be selling on eBay soon!)…

#BEAUTY: Got this Aussie Hair Care set some days ago and I tried the shampoo once. I must say the smell of it is heavenly and I like it so far! Have you ever used Aussie products? How do you like it?

#BERLIN: Well, they always say “better late then never” but in this case “never” would have been better that “late”… I am talking about WINTER, which has arrived in Berlin this week! With snow, cold and about -14 degrees!! For someone like me, who is aaaalways freezing, it is impossible right now to shoot outfit pictures outside. I hope for warmer days soon, but in the meantime I have prepared some other nice posts for you…

#BREAKFAST: How I love saturday mornings like these! After shooting something totally different for the blog (stay tuned!) very early with my boy, I had a late breakfast-date with my best friend. Quality time, long conversations and after all being very grateful to have someone like her in my life <3

#SONGOFTHEWEEK: Arcade Fire – The Suburbs ♥

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  1. So lovely! I was wondering which camera su you use because your photos are amazing! Great post dear xx


  2. i’m patiently waiting for mine. i ordered the same camera as an upgrade to my old canon 550. glad to know that you like it as i was curious to know if i made the right decision. enjoy it!