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7 things: week 51.

#STREETSTYLE: This week I found myself on New Yorker online magazine. My boyfriend and I shot three looks on three of my favorite locations in Berlin for them. You can see the first full look here. More to come soon..

#GOODTIMES: How I love sundays like this! First my friends and I went to an italian restaurant to have some real good pizza (btw: my all time favorite food!) and afterwards we went to the cinema to see “Hobbit 2” 🙂

#NEWIN: I ordered some UGG boots again, in black and brown. Still I can’t decide which one to keep 🙂 I guess black fits more to my very black wardrobe, plus you won’t see all the dirt so quickly… Some told me not to keep them at all because of the lamb leather and lambskin. But I hope that they know that their Chanel bags and Balenciagas are made out of lamb leather (or calf) as well…

#NEWYEARSEVE: What to wear on New Years Eve? I will publish some ideas for you soon again, just like I did last year! Here’s a little preview of a pretty top by Gina Tricot …

#WORK: This is how blogging and working at home looks like. Having a chai latte and some mini cakes in the morning, reading all the lovely christmas cards and preparing new posts…

#FASHIONWEEK: Normally I am not into Berlin Fashion Week that much… BUT I can’t wait for the Fashion Blogger Award by Stylight! All of my favorites are going to come and Chiara Ferragni will be the host of the night 🙂

#ADVENT: Today we’ve set all four candles on fire. Christmas is just around the corner.. Tomorrow mommy will arrive in Berlin and then on tuesday we’ll have vegan Christmas dinner at my sisters place! Can’t waaaaait 🙂

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  1. also ich würde die uggs in schwarz behalten! 🙂


  2. Hallo Magdalena,

  3. Ich liebe die Uggs!


  4. toll!!! du kannst wirklich stolz auf dich sein…

    OPI Giveaway on my Blog:

    xoxo Laura

  5. I am thinking about buying uggs and I searched in your blog if you have them too 🙂 ’cause I am not sure whether they are still in or not. Could you tell me where you ordered them? Also you think I should give it a try? Thank you! 🙂