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7 things: week 52.

Sunday again, time again for a new #7things post! This time it’s about some good beauty products, a cat and Christmas…

#XMASPRESENT: Got these beautiful leather ankle boots by &Other Stories from my boyfriend!

#FRIDO: My sisters cat. And the only cat I like love. He’s simply the cutest and always very relaxed..

#BEAUTY: Finally I got my favorite beauty product from America again: E-Oil. My dear friend Sam was so kind to bring me two of these 🙂 I use this oil for my face instead of a moisturizer. Got my hands on it first when I was in the States for a road trip and since then my skin became better and better. No dry skin, no pimples anymore!

#BLEACHING: Another beauty product from the States: 3D White Whitestrips! About three years ago I tried out these Whitestrips and it really worked well. Now I want to bleach my teeth again for a beautiful bright smile.

#PEELING: I simply love, love, love this Body Srub by &Other Stories!

#FURBY: This is one great Christmas present, which I got from my lovely sister 🙂 It’s a Furby sleep mask! I always use a sleep mask (+ foam earplugs) for sleeping and so I am very happy about this pink monster…

#TRADITION: For many years now, my best girlfriends and I meet on the second day of Christmas for brunch. This year a little baby girl joined her mommy and aunties as well 🙂

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  1. Wow, those boots are sooo pretty!

  2. die schuhe sind echt wunderschön; da hat dein freund wirklich geschmack bewiesen! 🙂


  3. Oh da sind so viele Sachen dabei dir wirklich toll sind. Aber wie süß ist denn bitte deine Katze, die ist ja zum knutschen kein wunder das du sie liebst! Ich finde vor allem das Öl und die Withe Stripes richtig interessant schade dass es die nicht in Deutschland gibt 🙁

    Liebste Grüße