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7 things: week 6.

#SELFIE Time for a selfie, to wish you all a lovely sunday! Also it is time again for my #7things and to share with you some pictures taken during the last days… More after the jump!

#COFFEE Much-needed on a busy workday: a caffè latte!! Funny fact: I don’t drink coffee, never have and never will. But I like to drink a caffè latte from time to time and then only with lots of sugar or caramel sirup 🙂

#LOVEIT Grey nails, plus tattoos and black leather! Perfect combo…

#BERLIN I live in a city with about 3.4 million people! Usually I am never alone, not in a subway or bus, not in the supermarket or in the streets. But on friday it happened and I was all alone in the subway – even if only for a minute. I enjoyed this moment a lot 🙂

#FOOD On saturday I met lovely Sarah (Sanzibell) again. We spent some super relaxed hours in a beautiful Café, talked for hours and did some window shopping 🙂 How yummy do this homemade fries and grilled veggies look? Very tasty in combination with tomato juice (I am totally addicted)!

#OOTD What I would love to wear right now! Skirt via Forever21 and sweater is from Isabel Marant pour H&M…

#QUOTE Perfect for today!! I love spending my sundays at home, wearing PJ’s all day long, staying in bed or watching movies with my boyfriend on our cozy couch. Wish you all a wonderful SUNDAY!


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  1. Danke für den schönen Nachmittag! :)))

    1. Danke dir 🙂 hihi

  2. Die Nägel mit den Ringen und Tattoos sehen so geil aus, da bin ich echt neidisch. Und auch das grau-rosa Outfit, ich habe gerade 3 neue puderrosa Teile im Schrank und bin so verliebt. Diese Liebe kommt einfach alle 3,4 Jahre wieder hoch 😉
    Ich hoffe du hattest einen schönen, gemütlichen Sonntag.


    1. DANKESCHÖN! ich liebe grauen nagellack so sehr und nun suche ich noch den perfekten matt-coat für einen noch cooleren look! ich hätte ja zu gerne auch einen tollen rosafarbenen pulli, bin aber bislang leider nicht fündig geworden.. Was hast du dir denn schönes gekauft?

      Liebe Grüße nach NYC 😉