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beauty: 50’s inspired hair and make-up.

Today I have a beauty post for you – where it’s all about this 50’s inspired look I wore for a „50’s style birthday party“ some days ago. I chose a glamorous hairdo with soft waves and a so called victory roll on top. Many years ago I had red long hair and a rockabilly style, so luckily I still know how to do my hair and make-up in the 50’s way. Oh and I would have loved to to a video for you but unfortunately there was no time for it, but at least we’ve managed to take some pictures. After the jump you will find some products I recommend and more details of course…

So here’s what you will need for this kind of make-up! Most important for this glamorous 50’s look are red lips, a bold eye liner and fake-lashes… But first things first. Start with a matte foundation, then add concealer and cream blush on your cheeks. Your skin should look flawless now. Put some powder above all, because this look is better when matte! Then apply some eyeshadow in neutral colors, a bit of beige and brown should be enough, because the focus will be on your fake lashes and the bold eyeliner. Your eyebrows should be perfectly colored with brow powder (you can use eyeshadow as well) and they should be in a good shape and not too thin. Last step is applying an intense red lipstick on your lips – et voilá – your 50’s make up is done! If you need some inspiration and help for the hairdo plus victory roll I recommend you to check out some videos on Youtube (like this one!). All I needed for my look was my hair straightener to do the curls, lots of hair spray and two bobby pins to fix the victory roll on top…

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  1. I adooore this looks on you! So classy, yet edgy 🙂 x

  2. Very classy ! You look amazing 🙂
    Love your blog, it’s actually one of my fav‘ because you always have a truly nice look



  3. Thats actually not a victory roll, I literally just had it in my lesson last week and for a victory roll it takes two rolls which touch each other.
    Still looks good obv.