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my favorite beauty products.

I got so many emails and requests about my beauty routine and favorite products, that I decided to finally do a post about all my favorite products for you! I really hope you like it… All details after the jump!

MAC Select Sheer Pressed (click!) – This is by far the best powder ever! I really tried so many in the past years – but finally I found this amazing MAC product during my roadtrip, in Santa Barbara. The powder does not look powdery on my skin and it also covers very well. I wear it with and sometimes without foundation and it’s perfect for shine control too.

LUSH Tee Tree Water (click!) – During my roadtrip in California I had some problems with my sensitive skin. Because of the water, the pollution and a wrong (too oily) foundation I bought at MAC I got so many pimples (which I usually don’t have, only a few from time to time). Of course I wanted to get rid of the pimples as soon as possible, so I listened to my friend and went to a LUSH shop where bought a bottle of Tee Tree Water. It is an antibacterial toner for your face. Trust me, this product is simply amazing and magical! It helped me so well to get rid of the pimples and now I still use it to clean and refresh my skin.

E Oil (click!) – I read so much about Vitamin E-Oil that I had to try it! I bought my bottle in the US some weeks ago and since then I use it twice a day – and I also replaced my moisturiser with this oil! It is so good. You can ask google to find out more about this product. Here are only a few facts about E-Oil: It acts as an antioxidant and prevents the formation of free radicals on the skin cells. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. Due to presence of such essential qualities, it is good for the skin. Some common skin problems which can be resolved with the help of vitamin E oil.

CHANEL Le Volume de Chanel Mascara (click!) – If you need a good Mascara you should go and get this product. Whenever I wear it people give me compliments for my eyelashes.

THIERRY MUGLER Alien (click!) – This is my favorite perfume ever! First I had Eau de Parfum, then in winter I bought the Eau de Toilette. But unfortunately it is not as good as the Eau de Pafum! Yes, Eau de Parfum is more expansive but it is so worth it – the scent lasts for hours and hours…

MAX FACTOR Cream Blush – I have never been a fan of powdery blush so years ago I started to use a bit of lipstick on my cheeks 😉 But then I found this cream blush my Max Factor (which comes in four different colors) and I loooove it so much! It’s easy to apply (with fingers), it lasts very long on your skin and also this little blush itself last for many months!

MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL (click!) – This product is kind of magical! If you have dry hair ends you should buy this! I use it daily(!) and apply it on my wet hair. The good thing is that the oil is not heavy at all or too shiny.

BURT’S BEES Lip Balm (click!) – This is simply the best Lip Balm ever! Trust me.

LANVIN x H&M Lipstick – My favorite red lipstick. I know, the collaboration between Lanvin and H&M was some year ago. But I bought two of them, so when I finished the first lipstick some weeks ago, I had a new one in petto!

ASTOR x Heidi Lipstick – I adore the texture and the color of this pink lipstick.

KAUFMANNS Haut- und Kinder-Creme – In winter time I use this as a moisturiser for my face, lips and hands. It made my dry skin super soft. This is my personal must-have and I always carry this cream in my bag.

BIPA Mascara – To me this is the perfect mascara and it is not expansive at all. I use it every day!

My sister used to live in Austria and she always had to buy me these at Bipa. I have 3 more in petto, because now she lives in Berlin too and I have no one to buy the mascara for me anymore..

YSL Touche Eclat Concealer (click!) – This is probably the most popular concealer out there, and in my opinion it is also the best one! I use it for years now and it is a beauty product I can’t live without. The formula is liquid, smooth and you can blend it easily. I use it for my under eye shadows and also for pimples if those little devils come out…

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  1. Schöne Produkte und toll fotografiert. Ich liebe das Maroccan Argan Öl und Chanel Produkte. Den Heidi-Lippenstift hab ich letzte Woche auch gekauft 🙂 xo


  2. Great post and perfect pics 🙂
    I’m big fan of YSL cosmetics;)
    Kisses x

  3. schöne Fotos und schöne Produkte!
    Ich liebe Kaufmanns Creme auch so sehr, benutz es aber nur für meine Lippen:)


  4. Schöne Sachen! Und Alien ist auch eines meiner liebsten Parfums <3

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥

  5. richtig schön gemachter post! da bekomm ich richtig lust die produkte auszuprobieren!


  6. Die Chanel Mascara mag ich auch sehr gerne und diesen magischen Touche Eclat werde ich mir wohl auch bald zulegen müssen = augenringalarm!


  7. I really love the statement necklace!! <3



  8. keep going <3