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finally mine: alexander wang kori boots.

Meet Kori, the black beauty from the house of Alexander Wang just moved into my closet…

Alexander Wang Kori Boots, thanks to Shopbop (buy them here)

Honestly, I’ve been wanting these boots like forever! I remember how long time ago Elin Kling wore some Koris with a chain and I fell in love immediately. But back then I was a student and only could afford me some look-a-likes, which I found on ebay (worn here)…

Now some years later the Kori leather boots are finally mine and I couldn’t be happier! Aren’t they perfect? I mean, just look at the rose-golden hardware inside the notched heel. Rose-gold is my favorite when it comes to jewelry (like my MBMJ watch or Michael Kors bracelet). Also the edgy silhouette is damn pretty. It is the perfect everyday shoe with a special something and on top they are comfy as hell.

Anyway, what I also wanted to say is that Shopbop delivers fast, like really fast! That is what I call good service. Express shipping from America to Germany in about 36 hours… Thanks Shopbop!

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  1. traumhaft schön sind die!!!



  2. I had a similar experience with Shopbop being so fast it’s great service!
    The boots are so lovely, I got myself a pair of look alike ones like your oldies… but the Alexander Wang are so perfect with the hardware metal heels and it’s perfect with your style !

  3. They are really beautiful, especially with the rose gold <3

    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie

  4. Sooo tolle Boots, ich finde, dass sie super gut zu dir passen 🙂

  5. die Boots sind wirklich ein Traum!!
    und du hast es perfekt beschrieben, Schuhe, die einfach jeden Tag zu allem gehen und trotzdem was ganz besonders sind ♥
    aber als Schülerin kann ich sie nur hier bei dir anschmachten, wer weiß vielleicht werd ich sie auch irgendwann mein nennen können ..
    LG Katrin

  6. *