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céline audrey sunglasses


Oh Audrey, finally I can call you mine! To me, the most perfect sunglasses on earth. More about my latest purchase right after the jump..



Céline Audrey Sunglasses via SmartBuyGlasses

I was very happy when some time ago SmartBuyGlasses asked me for a little cooperation. SBG is an online shop known for a great selection of Designer sunglasses, including the brand Céline. (Yeeah!)

„Audrey“ was on my wish list for more than two years. I once tried on Andy’s pair of sunglasses in Paris and afterwards I went straight to a Céline store to buy them but they where sold out in black. A long time passed, but now they are finally mine. The most perfect black shades on earth, so classy and chic. Best thing about them is that I ordered them with prescription lenses, so I can see everything super clear and sharp. Also I got a voucher from SBG and „only“ had to add about half of the prize.

How you do like them?

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  1. Huch, ist schon Sommer in Berlin? Oder wo bekommt man um diese Zeit frische Erdbeeren?
    Tragefoto dringend erwartet! 🙂

    1. hello! also mittlerweile bekommt man hier in berlin fast in jedem supermarkt frische erbeeren 🙂 eeeendlich wieder!

  2. ahh frische erdbeeren 🙂 ich habe gestern auch welche im supermarkt gesehen, die waren aber leider noch leicht grün :/
    tolle sonnenbrille! 🙂


    1. yummy… ja, endlich wieder erbeeren!! die könnte ich glatt jeden tag essen 😀

  3. congratulations on finally acquiring your beloved sunglasses and to get them with a prescription is a pretty great idea. the strawberries look delicious!

    1. thanks dear! x

  4. I love how big Céline sunglasses are, they’re so perfect when you have a bad day and look really tired!

    1. true that! you can almost hide your whole face under them 😀

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