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iphone pictures: instagram paris fashion week.

Invitations / Moon Young Hee Show / Metro / Kiki & moi 
sick in bed / red-wine sweater / me in front of Chanel / coco-water
Laduree / my iPhone case / my sacred heart tattoo in a book! / after shopping
Berlin cap in front of Eiffel Tower / Pelayo / me at Mugler party / Eiffel Tower
Marc Jacobs shirt / Street Style outside Dior / blue mood / howdy!
it’s simply Maggie with an A! / at Jardin Luxembourg / at Chloé party / Elin Kling
Chloé exhibition with Emanuele / crazy taxi-ride / with Caroline Blomst / Bastille
with my friend Valentine / beautiful big shadow / 1000 stairs up… / happy infront of Eiffel Tower

Saint Laurent invitation / at LV headquaters / LV soft bag from 1901 / bisous
dress for Saint Laurent show / OMG / “This is New York” party with Angelica / LV Invitation
at Dior Re-See / rainy Paris / LV show / backstage with Betty 
me after the LV show / beautiful model / with Chiara / time to leave…

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  1. Such a lovely collages 🙂

  2. sieht so aus als hättest du eine tolle zeit gehabt 🙂
    machst du auch mal einen post über shopping-, restaurant- und vintagetipps in paris?
    würde mich sehr freuen!

  3. What it this book where we can see your tatoo? So beautiful!