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louis vuitton: l’aventure pop-up store.

Two weeks ago, I visited Louis Vuittons pop-up store “L’Aventure” in Paris. The temporary store was designed in collaboration with Tyler Brulé, the founder of Monocle magazine and cosmopolitan by nature. It offers a great selection of Louis Vuitton luggage, clothes and travel goods for men. Also, they offer many services like customization or repair and also a little demo about “The Art of Packing”. 
Here comes a picture loaded post for you…

What I found most interesting, was the little demo about “The Art of Packing” where a saleslady taught us what and how to pack for one week with only hand luggage (put your belts into your shoes, so you use all space at its best and your shoes also stay in shape!). I also liked the decoration of the store which was made with much love for details. It really is a beautiful store and if you happen to be in Paris soon, you should go there and take a closer look. The pop-up shop L’Aventure is open now and until December 31.

22 Avenue Montaigne 
Paris, France

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  1. Wie schön, dass du das mitbekommen hast 🙂 Ich wäre auch gern mal dort gewesen, schöne Bilder. xo


  2. such an amazing post ! beautiful place

  3. amazing!


  4. Yeah, The stores LV are beautiful love the changing of themes in each season…

  5. Tolle Bilder! Ich habe gelesen es gibt spezielle Reise-Acessoires die es nur da gibt. Weißt du welche es sind?

  6. ______________________________________________________

    Liebe Majara, leider kann ich dir diese Frage nicht beantworten! Ich kann mich gerne mal schlau machen.. :/

    Grüße, Magdalena