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paris fashion week: acne showroom.

As promised, here is a picture loaded post about my visit at the Acne Showroom! But first I have to ask if you have already seen Acne Studios’ RTW SS14 collection? No? Well if not, please click right here to take a look. And now that you have seen it, tell me how can you not like it, no I mean, how can you not love it!? Here I have some details for you…

During my stay in Paris I managed to get an appointment with the (super lovely) PR lady to take a closer look at Acne Studios’ spring summer collection. And I just fell in love with every single piece! This collection is an ode to the sea, inspired by a swedish poem called “Till Havs (Out To Sea)“. Designer Johansson used typical marine colors like white, blue and red but also yellow and warm earth tones. There where anchors and stars as well, used as a print or as studs on shorts, shoes and jackets. All the bright yellow tones made me think of rubber shoes and boats and all the brown tones might be inspired by the beautiful nature itself. Of course denim is a big part of the collection too, I mean we still talk about Acne and you know that they have started once with only denim jeans, right?!
My favorite piece of all was definitely the slashed leather jacket (which comes in black and white) because it is simple amazing – and on the runway in motion it somehow reminded me of waves. Brilliant! Also I liked all kinds of oversized knits and the super soft leather pieces, just like the dress worn by one of the models above. I would like to invest in some of the shoes next year, probably the sneakers with anchors! They are just too lovely..

Now tell me how do you like the collection? And my exclusive insight? 🙂

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  1. love the outfit. those sneakers are awesome.


  2. So super out fit. cute and gorgeous style. hot outfit.
    “fashion outlet”

  3. Schöne Bilder… Siehst super aus! <3

  4. Oh, I wish I could be there!!!Amazing!!:)


  5. Lustig, ich hab gerade ne halbe Stunde im Acre Online Shop gestöbert und dann deinen Blog geöffnet 🙂 Ich finde die Lederjacke unglaublich schön, aber wahrscheinlich fehlt mir da das nötige Kleingeld 😉

    Lilly Calling

  6. Woow tolle Kollektion!
    Die Lederjacken und die süßen Anker Sneaker gefallen mir besonders!

    xx Timna

  7. Die Acne Lederjacken sind einfach immer wieder wunderschön!!

  8. Die Kombi aus roter Lederjacke und Shorts ist ja mal richtig hot. I like. 🙂

  9. Toller Beitrag! Ich Liebe die Lederjacke !! Die Schuhe sind ebenfalls ein Traum ! <3

    Greats, fLow