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Paris Fashion Week: Isabel Marant.

Pictures taken by me

Yesterday a dream came true for me: I saw the Isabel Marant show which was held in the beautiful L’Ecole de Medicine. The collection was very feminine and bohemian like usual, but this time very western-inspired. The french designer and everybody’s darling showed stunning lace shirts, embroidery details, jeans and fringes, lots of white, red and grey! Honestly, I loved every single piece from head to toe.. But if I haf to choose one favorite item than it is probably the oversized military coat in grey with red details, worn by Anja Rubik in picture three.

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  1. I love the High Boots and the red leather pants! excellent!

  2. wie kamst du denn zu der karte für die marant show? wow, muss echt toll gewesen sein!