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way out west festival 2013.

Some days ago Vagabond flew Dustin, Mirjana and me all the way to Way Out West Festival, which was held in the heart of Göteborg, Sweden. It is a three-day festival, but we joined only one amazing day and had a real good time! I couldn’t ask for a better company, we laughed so much. And then there was this super friendly Vagabond Team, showing us their Festival Collection (give-away soon!).

After the jump you will see and read more about the Festival…

Well, that was my impression of Way Out West Festival 2013. I hope you were able to get a tiny insight of how cool it was. The people where so friendly, relaxed and in a very good mood. Also everybody was very well dressed, so I took some pictures of Street Styles to share with you their cool looks. Trust me, one was prettier than another and I couldn’t take my eyes off them pretty swedish boys and girls. The all had such a great sense of style!

For me it was the first Festival ever and I must say that I liked it a lot, just like the fact that there was no camping area at WOW2013 and that we slept at a hotel close by. Our stay was short ideed (24 hours only) and I would have loved to see more of Göteborg and some more artists on stage like Kendrick Lamar or Alicia Keys. But maybe that is one good reason to come back next year with my friends. I will think about that 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post! Next time I will share some more pictures from Göteborg and our crazy side trip to the ACNE Outlet. Stay tuned.

Special thanks to Selina and Vagabond for having me.

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  1. richtig tolle Eindrücke!!

  2. Wow, perfect pictures! I adore leather spiket jacket! Amazing post dear xx


  3. die sonnebrille steht dir ausgesprochen gut!

  4. lovely photos, I loooove festivals 🙂 xx

  5. das nächste Mal nimm‘ mich bitte mit !
    und eins muss man ja sagen: die skandinavischen Mädchen sind ja alle soooooo hübsch !

  6. so viele stylishe menschen!!!

  7. schöne bilder…schöne eindrücke!!


  8. Very nice pictures! I’d love to go to Sweden some day (:

  9. this looks so much fun! never seen such a pretty festival location before.