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pumps designed by me.


Have you ever dreamed of designing a pair of shoes? I did many times! As a teenager I draw quite a lot shoes and clothes, but in the end I studied Fashion Journalism instead of Design. Today I will tell you how I fulfilled my dream of designing shoes, after the jump…

Some time ago I heard about Jaimie Jacobs, which is an online shop from Munich where you can design your own shoes! You can choose between ballerinas, loafers, peep toes, pumps and many more. With help of a 3D-Designer you can design unique shoes from top to bottom – and choose all colors, the leather, the heel and sole. You can also add slings, studs or bows to your shoe if you want. Now tell me how cool does that sound?

A little dream came true when Jaimie Jacobs offered me to design my own pair of shoes for free. Usually one pair costs 200-250€ (incl. shipping) which is really a great price for custom-made shoes! Some of you might think now that it is too expensive, but please keep in mind that these shoes are 100% hand made at your desire, it’s not a mass production! These shoes are made for your shape of feet, whether wide or slim, Jaimie Jacobs has a solution for every shape. I think that this site offers a great service and it gives people the chance to create something unique, for everyday or for special occasions like a wedding or a prom night! Once you’ve ordered your shoes, you will receive them within 14 days and they come with a pretty shoe box, a little „love letter“, a dust bag and some gel insoles to protect your feet from blisters. Also, if the shoes don’t fit you can return them within 30 days.

Now let’s talk about my shoe. As you know most of my shoes and high heels are black! Now I wanted to create  some elegant red pumps with a high heel (11,5 cm) and a red sole. They fit perfectly because they are true to size (I have size 37) and the quality is really good too! No plastic smell or something like that. I am very happy with my first custom-made and designed-by-me shoes! On Monday I will show you my first outfit with them 🙂







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  1. They look so perfect! Color is amazing and thats also great price for something like that!

  2. Die Schuhe sehen sehr hochwertig und einzigartig aus! + Tolle Farbe! Hammer 🙂

  3. Beautiful! I’m looking forward to monday (:

  4. Ja, ich wollte auch schon immer mal unter die Designer gehen! Hab mir die Seite angesehen und finde die vielen Möglichkeiten super! Allerdings wären mir deine viel zu hoch, wie kannst du darin laufen?! 😉