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Sweater and Blouse H&M Divided, Pants New Yorker, Coat Priamrk, Shoes Akira, Bag Cotton Onx

Hello you wonderful people, I have missed you and blogging a lot! But from now on I am back on the blog again. The past weeks has been very busy and important for me: I worked on my exam (a tattoo and fashion magazine) and had to live “blog-abstinent”. After 3 years of studying fashion journalism I am finally D-O-N-E and very happy about the fact that “school’s out, forever”!! Am I dreaming? Nope!

Only one day after my oral exam (a kind of press conference) I took a flight to south of Germany to visit my father and my sister. After a relaxing weekend in the city where I grew up it is time to work on the blog and to plan my future. But first of all I am looking forward to share a give-away with you very soon (stay tuned!) and to go to Barcelona with my wonderful boyfriend next week.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. schön wieder von dir zu lesen. hab dich schon vermisst 🙂 in dem sinne:
    welcome back!

  2. seems like u have a lot of planning ahead!!!x


  3. woohoo, congratulations beautiful!
    wishing you all the best for your next adventures! x

  4. Love your hair! And also very beautiful outfit!

    XX red–sonja.blogspot.com

  5. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Abschluss und viel Spaß in Barcelona 🙂



  6. Amazing outfit 🙂

  7. gratuliere madame!! schön, dass du wieder da bist

    WIN cashmere&leather gloves

  8. oh schön ich bin in 3 Wochen in barca und hab gerade einen Post zur Stadt geschrieben.

  9. Glückwünsch! Weißt du schon, was du nun machst?