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how to wear: fake fur jacket part I.

This is what I wore yesterday, on such a rainy and cold day. I guess the last days of summer are over and fall came to town. Of course I prefer sunshine and summer, but fall isn’t that bad as well, because it is the time of the year where I can wear leather jackets and fake fur jackets like this one…

H&M Trend Fake Fur Jacket, H&M T-Shirt and Belt, New Yorker Fake Leather Pants (old), Converse Chucks, Mango Bag

So, most of you guys already know this little fake fur monster from my Instagram! Either you hate it or you love it. Well, I love such jackets and here is how I wore this new one for the first time: with my favorite old fake leather pants, a simple white tee and my beloved black chucks. I guess you will see me wearing this fake fur jacket quite often and so I called this post a “how to wear” to give you some inspiration…

Since it was raining and way too windy to shoot outside, we decided to take some pictures of this outfit inside the underground at Brandenburger Gate. First time to do that for the blog. I think the colors of the background fit perfectly to the nude colored jacket plus the whole look.

PS: Do you know what always comes to my mind when I see/wear this jacket? “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die…” (click)… Haha!

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  1. die Jacke ist sehr geil, nicht zu viel, sieht total alltagstauglich aus!



  2. great textures!

  3. Oh i love that Outfit!!
    Unglaublich tolle Kombination.


  4. Tu es trop belle Magdalena !!!!
    Bisous 😉

  5. Das sind ja so schöne Fotos!


  6. Die Jacke ist wundervoll!

  7. Love the look!


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  8. It’s so Fluffy I’m gonna die ! hilarious , pretty cool jacket especially for being fake fur though I really like your fake leather pants too !
    Nice, Clean , simple look well done

  9. Das sieht echt super gut aus!
    Die Jacke muss ich mir auch bestellen!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von http://www.whoismocca.com

  10. cute jacket, looks great on you! 🙂


  11. Sweeeet and FLUFFY! 😀

  12. Gefällt mir total dein Outfit! Die Jacke gibts wahrscheinlich nicht mehr bei H&M oder?


  13. Total schön und bei ner Fake Fur Jacke kann man nix falsch machen 😀 Die Fotolocation gefällt mir auch total gut, ist mal was anderes und passt super zum Rest 🙂

  14. Definitiv ein cooler Look! 🙂


  15. Haha, I love the Despicable Me reference! Your fluffy jacket looks really good paired with the leather trousers and converse – definitely how I would wear it!

    Isabel x
    Monochrome Magpie