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in the mood for pink: motel rocks.

Dress with courtesy by Motel Rocks

Hello! It’s already the 5th day of beeing sick – which means staying at home all day long in ugly pyjamas and beeing bored as hell.
So today was about time to do something useful like sorting out some of my clothes for ebay. This is how I found this lovely pink dress again (which I got one year ago from Motel Rocks, oops). It has such a cool back, no? I will definitely take it with me to the US West Coast in a few weeks and wear it some boots and sun-kissed skin ♥

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  1. beautiful! The contrast of the dress with tattoos is amazing!

  2. Oh my God im dying for that dress for a year now! It’s perfect!! XX lucky You!


  3. siehst heiß aus in dem kleid 🙂