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malibu and hollywood.

Malibu. Yesterday we drove to Malibu Beach, the place where many rich and famous people live. The weather was incredible as you can see. And my friends tried to surf the waves, but it was a bit too crowed because of too many surfers! Anyway we had a real good time before going to Hollywood…

I was wearing: Body Vintage, High Waist Shorts Primark, Fake Leather Jacket Gina Tricot, Belt American Apparel, Shoes Converse, Sunglasses Funk

Hollywood. First stop after Malibu was Beverly Hills to go shopping at Michael Kors and Marc by Marc Jacobs etc. (you can see my purchases on Instagram). Bevery Hills was so amazing and picture perfect! I loved the atmosphere and the shopping area so much. And my friend even spotted someone famous (Jessica Simpson, haha) while the girls where shopping. Our next stop was Hollywood Boulevard, where you can find the Walk of Fame or Chinese Theatre. I’ve seen it many times on TV and so I always had a certain picture of Hollywood on my mind. But no, I was really surprised to see Hollywod like this: Most streets (around the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theatre) where very dirty and crowded, there where too many junkies and too many people trying to sell weed and other bad stuff to tourists. It look worse that “Hamburger Kiez”, if you know this area. And it was the first time since this roadtrip that we didn’t feel really safe.
In the evening we drove to Griffith Park and up to the Observatory. From there we could see the
Hollywood sign and we also had a wonderful view.

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  1. tolle Bilder, bin richtig neidisch, so schönes Wetter scheint wünsch ich mir auch in Deutschland!


  2. Ich lieeebe deine Eindrücke! Soo schöne Bilder und du bist einfach wunderhübsch und hast immer tolle Outfits an. Gruß aus Aachen in die Staaten 🙂

  3. Yeaaahhh, MALIBU <3 Nice pictures!

  4. Schöne Bilder! Besonders die letzten – was für ein Ausblick! <3

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥

  5. ich liebe liebe liebe deine urlaubsbilder!
    man sieht, dass du glücklich bist und ne tolle zeit hast! 🙂

    wünsch dir noch ganz viel spaß & bring ein bisschen sonne mit!

  6. many people are sort of blinded by how the movies and tv portray hollywood. even people who live in los angeles avoid that part at all times. it’s pretty much a tourist trap, but at least now you know how it is in reality. glad that you found some other places that you liked and hopefully you’ll get to see many more. enjoy it!


  7. Richtig tolle Bilder!

  8. I LOVE your outfit and ALL of these pictures. You definitely fit in in Hollywood! I’m happy you had a great time in my hometown! Greetings from NY! 🙂

  9. Tolle Bilder,ich bin sehr neidisch :)!

    Mal eine dumme, hoffentlich nicht zu private Frage: Was für einen BH trägst du unter so rückenfreien Dingen?

  10. THANKS A LOT / VIELEN DANK / MERCI for the lovely comments!! I’m glad you liked those pictures 🙂

    @Lisa: in diesem Fall trage ich keinen BH 😉
    Lieben Gruß

  11. Cool !