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Vintage Leather Jacket via eBay

How do you like my latest purchase? I was searching for a real leather biker jacket for a very long time now and it was so hard to find. Last year I bought the ACNE Rita jacket which was too big unfortunately, so I didn’t keep it. Then last winter I saw a really nice one in a vintage shop in Paris, but I was not willing to pay 160€ for no name. Some days ago I have finally found my perfect black leather biker jacket on eBay! Very similar to the one I saw in Paris but this heavy black beauty only cost 50€. I couldn’t be happier.

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  1. That’s indeed a very pretty jacket! Tough but not too heavy for girly outfits. And €50 is a bargain!

  2. Ich möchte mal ein Tragebild sehen 🙂 und kannst du mir den Ebayshop sagen, wo du sie gekauft hast ?

  3. Yeah sehr cool. Der Schnitt sieht toll aus- halt eine richtige Bikerjacke! 🙂

    xx Timna

  4. @fashion nightmare: das war von privat und leider kein shop :/

  5. I think that a leather biker jacket is a must have ! it never comes out of fashion and you can stle it with everything !

  6. she’s so cool 🙂

  7. so eine will ich auch.


  8. fabelhaftes Schnäppchen, Madame!

    Love //Vienna Wedekind//
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  9. genial!

  10. It’s amazing!

  11. tolle jacke !!

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