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outfit: all black favorites.

I just realized that this is the 3rd outfit post in a row with a hat. The thing is that I love hats so much and also the last pictures where taken before I got sick (luckily I always put aside some pictures for bad times, you know…). After the jump you will find lots of pictures, in color(!) and with some of my all-time favorite pieces.

Vintage Leather Jacket, H&M Dress, H&M New Icons Hat, Acne Studios Pistol Boots 

This vintage leather jacket was one of my greatest finds on ebay! Love its cut, the red inner lining and that it is quite heavy. How could I not combine it with my favorite Pistol booties?! They just go so well together. The hat is one of my favorite pieces in my closet as well, you saw it a few times here and on Instagram as well. And then there are two “new in’s” in my closet, which is this Marant-ish black dress and the white nail polish… Gotta love #allblackeverything!

Ps: Next outfit post will be without wearing a hat! Promised 🙂

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  1. what shampoo or hair products do you use ?? 🙂

  2. perfect look!!!


  3. Hut und schwarz steht dir halt gut. Ist doch in Ordnung so 😉 xo


  4. meinetwegen kannst du immer einen hut tragen..
    hüte stehen dir super gut..
    außerdem ist ja jetzt gerade die zeit dafür..
    ich trage sehr oft hüte m Herbst 🙂

    die Lederjacke ist wirklich der hammer !!
    solche Lederjacken kann man für immer behalten und tragen.. die sind zeitlos..



  5. You look great with a hat, so no worries 😉
    Beautiful detailing on the dress!
    Naomi, x

  6. Love the outfit, very rocker! The hat is just perfect!

  7. great outfit! Love it!

  8. Wiedermal ein schönes Outfit! Es stimmt: Hüte stehen dir echt gut! Schönheit… 😀

  9. Pretty cool photos , Love the black outfits , this vintage jacket is such a statement and perfect find well done !

  10. das kleid ist megaa schön! hab mich total in die details verliebt. 🙂

  11. love it! und ach wieso sieht der hut an dir so gut aus?! an mir sieht er einfach nur rießig aus hehe schön!