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outfit: white biker jacket.

They call it summer. But the past days the weather in Berlin was rainy and too cold for summer. Wearing layers of clothes is the best you can do, so mostly I put a sweater or cardigan in my bag to have it when needed…

H&M Trend Jacket, H&M T-Shirt, Skinny Jeans and Bag, Acne Beanie (similar from Acne here), eBay Sneaker Wedges

While spending the day with a friend of mine at a Café and with some (window) shopping (at Lala Berlin) I wore this outfit with and without jacket, depening on the suns mood. Anyway, I must say that I totally fell in love with the new Lala Berlin collection! Have you seen that skirt and pink vest on my Instagram and Facebook account? Oh-em-ge…

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  1. I think that’s goodbye to Summer from this part of Europe already..
    Wearing a beanie in mid-August and by looking outside the window proves that. You look lovely, nonetheless.

  2. nice look!


  3. Looks good on you! Love the bag (:

  4. Beautiful look and amazing bag!

  5. die jacke ist echt total schön. trag sie so oft und lange es das wetter zulässt! 😀

  6. Die jacke ist super! Schön kombiniert <3

  7. Tolle Jacke und Schuhe!


  8. Beautiful that jacket!