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flashback 2013: my favorite moments.

Ok, so here comes the third and final part of my „flashback 2013“! After posting all my outfits I wore in the past year, I thought it would be nice to also talk about some more personal stuff and to share with you some of my favorite moments of 2013. Pictures can’t capture those beautiful emotions and feelings you have while going to places you have never been before or moments that make you sad, happy or simply speechless. But still most pictures can say more than a thousand words. I hope you enjoy this picture loaded post as much I as do. Some impressions from my road trip through the US West Coast and some from Paris. Some thoughts about health and happiness, about my job and about the most beautiful thing on earth called love! …

After finishing my studies (Fashion Journalism) in January 2013 I decided to keep my part-time job at H&M and to work on the blog beside that. Good decision, because I have both, free time (which I always invest in the second job, my blog) and money. I am happy with both jobs, because it turned out to work very well together. I hope that in 2014 this blog will bring me some great opportunities and cooperations as well. Really looking forward to work more on the blog and to get much better!

Finally, in March I fulfilled one big dream of mine and went on a road trip with friends trough the beautiful West Coast of the United States! It was so magical and beyond description. We got to see so many cities and places, met amazing people, had the time of our lives and got speechles for a while at Grand Canyon. It has always been my dream to go to Disneyland, to see the Hollywood sign from as close as possible, to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and to just see the American lifestyle I only knew from TV 🙂 I luckily did it all, plus going to a Laker’s game, to Universal Studios and Venice Beach and muuuch much more! And I would love to go back again one day, this time with my boy since I missed him too bad on our roadtrip…

To love and be loved – to me it’s the most important thing on earth and the best feeling you can ever have! In 2013 my boyfriend moved in after being together for almost one year. It was the best decision! We renovated our flat step by step and now we have our own little castle, super cozy and very inviting. It is always so nice to come back home again… And I am sooo thankful for having him by my side. He’s simply the best and always making me laugh 🙂

Oh, Berlin! 7 years ago I moved to this beautiful city. I was 18 years old, madly in love and had like 50€ in my pocket. I spent the money on one weekend and that made me grow up very quickly. Since day one in Berlin, I learned a lot and sometimes I had to fight for my rights, but I always knew that I would make it and that I never wanted to leave again. So I finished my school, always worked hard, studied and broke up after almost 6 years. I finished my studies and some time ago I found someone very special. I couldn’t ask for more. I am more than happy to live in my favorite city (beside Paris!!) and to have found my big love over here 🙂 Home is where the heart is, right!

Oh and my lovely sister moved back to Berlin as well last year! We’re almost neighbors now <3

1) Good times with friends!   2) My best girlfriends invited me and my boy to „Heide Park“ for my birthday 😀  3) Some crazy shopaholics with pink bags in the middle of nowhere! Straight from the Airport to Kungsbacka where we went to ACNE Outlet store!  4) Happy me after picking up a 500€ voucher from Mister Spex, which I won 🙂

Paris, my looove!! In September it was time again for Paris! But this time with my boy. We decided to do more holidays and less Fashion Week. It was amazing and the weather was beyond perfect. When thinking of all those special moments and all the fun we had, it makes me smile right now 🙂

Let’s talk about health! In summer time I worked out regularly, tried clean eating for some days or weeks (but nothing for a chocolate junkie like me!) and all in all I ate very healthy. Because I love smoothies and salads. I am a vegetarian by the way and I always listen to my body, so when it craves vitamins and fruits – I eat them. And when my tummy screams for chocolate or my favorite food PIZZA – here you are! And you know, I finally realized that being super skinny is not the ultimate goal in life. Hehe! There is so much more to worry about in life. And it is very important to love yourself, no matter what size you are. I learned it, better late than never 😀

When I was in hospital for some days in October (for a laparoscopy) I posted a quote on Instagram with some of my thoughts about health. The feedback was amazing. And here’s what I said: 
Some people think that buying designer clothes is their sense of life and that it’s true luxury. But you know what’s the only true luxury? Being healthy! That’s something you can’t buy, it’s a gift. And you should always be greatful that you can run into the arms of your beloved ones, that you can jump for joy and that you have eyes to see beauty everywhere! For a moment think of all those who are not able to do all this. If I had one wish free I would give everyone in this world, including my family friends and me, best health to enjoy our time on this lovely planet even more.“

With the Bloggers: During Fashion Week in Berlin I finally met the lovely Carola. Then I met my cuties Amandine and Vicky a few times and I went to Way Out West Festival in Goteborg with Dustin. And in Paris we bumped into the beautiful Kristina, who I will meet next week again at the Blogger Bazaar 🙂

In December Louis Vuitton invited me to Munich for their Press Day. It was outstanding! A perfect setting, a great collection (the last one by Marc Jacobs!) and they even had a private Christmas Market for their guests… 🙂

Here are my „best buys of 2013“! The black leather jacket, the Acne Pistol Boots and Alexander Wand Kori Boots are definitely the best purchases made last year! I LOVE THEM (all!)

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  1. omg, wie wundervoll! ich liebe einfach alles an diesem post – dein blog ist soooo toll! schön, dass du so ein tolles jahr hinter dir hast. 2014 wird bestimmt genauso super 😉 mach weiter so und lass dir gesagt sein: du BIST total skinny! :)) xo j.

    1. oooh, vielen lieben dank, julie. das ist so lieb von dir!
      und es freut mich natürlich sehr, dass dir mein blog gefällt 🙂
      wünsche dir für 2014 auch nur das beste!

      liebe grüße