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in love with: pink patent leather creepers from h&m.

I found these patent-leather-creeper-beauties at H&M and hopefully I can show you an outfit-post tomorrow. Well, I’m sure that many of you won’t like them – but first imagine them with some jeans shorts, a grey tank top and sun-kissed skin!?

Talk to you soon! X

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  1. wow, didn’t know that H&M had creepers like that! I like them.
    and yeah, you should really do an outfit, would love to see how you combine them. xx


  2. Die passen perfekt zu dir 🙂

  3. Ich liebe die Schuhe und ich liebe dein Blog ! xx

  4. I like them a lot! Curious how the outfit with these shoes would look like 🙂 x

  5. oh i love this shoes!! i want it too!!

  6. loving the sweet color 🙂 they’ll look good with pretty much anything for summer.

  7. I totally love them <3!

  8. I love shoes!

  9. Ich find’ sie auch toll!


  10. Because of you I have jumped on the “I love pink shoes” train, so whatever is pink and belongs on the feet – I’m with you sister! I, too am very curious for an outfit 🙂

    Dani of glitzerglitzer.com

  11. Super COOL die SCHÜHE, gefällen mir super sher gut.

    Ich denke ist copy von Ian Jacobsen BOOTS =)

    XOXO from Munich

    La Vie Quotidienne


  12. ahh love them- bubblegum pink!

  13. ah wie toll die sind – gibts die ganz normal bei h&m? irre gut!

  14. 😮 ich will sie haben.

  15. Die sind spitze! Mich würde auch interessieren, aus welcher H&M Abteilung sie sind.

  16. *
    ihr lieben, die schuhe sind von h&m divided und kosten 29,95 🙂
    ich habe sie am WE in hamburg gekauft und in berlin noch(!) nicht entdeckt..

  17. i love them!

    in fact im very jealous because i ordered some pink creepers from an online shop and when they arrived they were too small, arrrgg!..
    i’ll just have to enjoy the photos of you wearing yours..