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iphone pictures: whatstrend event.

Some presents waiting // in the hotel room // at the studio // catering //
Josi getting her hair and make up done // sweetheart Anjelica // a wooden pony //
first results of the shooting // cute Sara was smiling all the time // stupid faces // weird hairdo //
a DJ in the photo studio // nice pants // color bombs // New Yorker Spring Summer collection

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  1. You really had a blast! Lovely pics!


  2. looks like fun! any eventy that has makeup., clothes, and food pretty much has to be awesome 😀 glad I found this, following you!

  3. <3 i hope to see ya again soon babe!

  4. must’ve been fun to be a part of it! it’s such a different look for you… the hair and the make up. usually you keep it pretty simple, which i like, but you look beautiful here.

    have a great weekend!