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outfit: army jacket.

Army Jacket bought in a Vintage Shop in Paris, Jeans Jacket and Shirt New Yorker, Top and High Waist Jeans H&M, Belt Aigner, Boots Akira

I love to wear this combination of army jacket and jeans jacket (with fake fur collar) which keeps me really warm. Hopefully the weather will not change too much in Berlin, so I will not need to buy a real winter jacket this season!
Today I wore my jacket-combo with a white tank top, jeans shirt with rolled up sleeves and my beloved high waist jeans.

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  1. the army jacket was a pretty great buy! i’m always a fan of a piece of clothing where comfort, versatility and style are combined.


  2. super lässiges outfit.
    gefällt mir total gut <3

  3. Total lässig, einfach aber es steht dir einfach total gut!

  4. Awesome look! Love combination army jacket with jeans shirt and massive shoes!


  5. gefällt mir auch richtig gut, ich liebe diesen plüschigen kragen im kombi mit der army jacke 😀 sehr hübsch 🙂

  6. i love this outfit so much!jeans jackets are nice and casual.

  7. oh diese hose ist wie für dich gemacht 🙂

    la tiquismiquis