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Paris: Karl Lagerfeld at Colette.

pictures taken by me

…After walking around and falling in love with this beautiful city we went to Colette where we’ve met Karl Lagerfeld! It’s kind of funny that Josi and I just talked about this genius on our way to Paris and how great it would be to meet him and then it just happened. As you might already know I love him for his creativity and all the work he has done so far. He is my fashion god, so inspiring, clever and très chic! This really made my day, my week and the whole year 😉

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  1. wow you had so much luck! (:



  2. woooow,that is so cool!you are so lucky that you have seen him


  3. habt ihr mit ihm geredet?? 🙂

  4. du und karl…ich wette er hat gelesen, dass du in paris bist und wollte DICH unbedingt sehen:)

    glückspilz, du:) <3

  5. Nein, wie KRASS ist das denn!? Ich will Karl auch mal beim shoppen treffen xD