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styling for WERK VI magazine: tattooed lady.

Don’t use these pictures without asking and linking back to my blog !

Et voilà! These are the results of what I was working on some weeks ago. WERK VI is a Magazin of my School AMD Berlin. The final semester of the course Fashion Journalism worked on it, including me. I did the styling and created the idea of a „Tattooed Lady“ where heavy Tattoos meet elegant clothes. In our magazin it’s all about the beauty of nature (in german „Naturschön“).
There are three editorials besides really nice storys and interviews. And I am really proud to have my model on the cover of it. If you live in Berlin, you should keep your eyes open – because this magazin will be available in many shops, bars and restaurants for free!

Philipp Ackermann did those beautiful pictures and Tattoo-Artist Mr. Smee painted the tattoos on our gorgeous Model Ronja (Izaio Models). Oh, and my dog Lotte was also part of the shooting 🙂

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  1. Hello,

    Very nice pictures! I love the contrast between the „biker“ tattoos and the delicacy of the model & clothes.

  2. congratulations! it’s a big accomplishment. lotte looks lovely!


  3. i linked one of this picture, i have put you blog name on the picture and also commented about who’s the photographer and the model. hope is ok.

  4. Absolutely LOVE this post, all these patterns and outfits are so natural and so amazing, and so inspiring… incredible how much fashion takes from art…

  5. wahnsinnig tolle fotos!