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ways to wear this stars and stripe shirt – part two.

Shirt Gina TricotHat and Belt H&M, Skirt New Yorker

Ways to wear” part two: How do you like the shirt combined with a high waist fake leather skirt and a hat?

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  1. I actually like both, although this screams rick n roll a bit more 😉 Would definitely wear it like that!

  2. oh i just love it!!!such a great shirt 🙂

  3. Great combi but I prefer the first one. The red shorts were simply too cute 🙂

  4. Like it a lot, great combo!

  5. I like both but find this one more wearable!! Very cool outfit!!

  6. Liebe.

  7. Genial. Die Kombi gefällt mir sehr!

  8. looove this!