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WhatsTrend and New Yorker Event.

some impressions from Brunswick

Whatstrend and New Yorker invited some German Bloggers (Dustin, Josi, Oli, Anjelica, Sophie, Christian) and some international Bloggers (Cindy, Ilanka, Ivelina, Sara) to spend two lovely days ins good old Brunswick. After arriving at the hotel, the Team introduced us the new Spring/Summer Collection at a Studio. Then we got divided into three groups and had time to create some Looks.
After the the Studio we had an amazing long dinner at the hotel and then after party (too bad, no party for me because I had to do my homework…). The next day started with a perfect breakfast and then shopping in the biggest New Yorker Store I’ve ever seen. I came back home with lots of new clothes and stuff, but I will show it to you later.

Special thanks to cutie Ruta and to the super professional New Yorker Team for having me. I had a great time!

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  1. These pictures are super! I love when international bloggers get together and do something unexpectable! 🙂


  2. Hi Sweetie!!!!!
    I had a great time with you you’re so cute and nice girl 🙂
    Love your pics, maybe I use some for next whatstrend post!

    Hope see you again so soon!

    Big kiss from Spain!

  3. Lovely pictures. 🙂

    I like the silly ones !

  4. Und du bist die Schönste von allen <3

  5. du wirst auch jeden tag hübscher, ehhh! 🙂

  6. Sehr coole Fotos. Sieht nach einem tollen und interessanten tag aus 🙂

  7. haha, komme aus Braunschweig bzw. wohne auch gerade noch hier.
    Irgendwie witzig etwas über seine „kleine“ aber doch schöne Stadt dann man bei dir zu lesen 🙂

    Ich hoffe du hattest ein paar schöne Tage.

  8. Lucky you! Looks like you all had a blast XX

  9. Super toller Blog!! following you <3

    x Marina


  10. love pics!

  11. Deine Haare und dein MakeUp auf Bild 1 <3

  12. sieht nach nem tollen tag aus 🙂 finde auch das dir das make up total gut steht. und deine haare erst recht 😀