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louis vuitton: press day.

Hello from Munich! I arrived here yesterday for Louis Vuitton press day and it was incredible to see Marc Jacobs’ last collection for the French luxury goods house “live”. I took so many pictures of three Spring/Summer 2014 collections (RTW, Mens- and Womenswear) that I will have to split it and publish two posts. For now let’s start with some glossy feathers and showgirl clothes… More pictures right after the jump!

All pictures taken by me

Well, it was really amazing to see Marc Jacobs’ last RTW collection for Louis Vuitton live! The setting for a part of the beautiful showroom was all-black just like the clothes itself (except for one blue jeans!) and just like the show itself back in September. It was all about lots of sequines, feathers and leather draped on Damier print flokati carpets. On TV screens they showed his last runway show and somehow I felt melancholic, but at the same time very curious while thinking of Nicolas Ghesquière as their new creative director… Let’s talk about the beautiful and rich in detail clothes again. I would have loved to put on those see-trough Stephen Sprouse-designed LV logo pants/leggings for a minute, but instead Sarah, Kiki and I were able to but on a feather hat for some photo booth fun. Then there where the beautiful flat and so-called “ballerina boots”, just like the one on the fourth picture. But my ultimate favorite piece of all was the bag on the last picture. Perfect size, shape and color. The color is more mix between red and purple, you can’t see it so well on this one.

Check out my Instagram for some more pictures of the Louis Vuitton press day including a private little christmas market 🙂

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  1. Oh my god you’re so lucky! I literally want it all! Everything is so perfect, wow xx


  2. ach, ich mag dieses düstere diese saison! 🙂


  3. Sehr schöne Bilder! Wiedermal… 😀

    Die Kollektion ist auch sehr schön aber auch etwas witzig. Das Ganze erinnert mich an das Mittelalter und das Rittertum. Vor allem die Schuhe und die Oberteile: als wären sie ein Teil einer schicken Rüstung. Echt schön! x

  4. Die letzte rote Tasche <3 Ich hab mich verliebt. Aber wer bezahlt mir die? Hilfe. xx


  5. Wow ! Ich bin sprachlos 🙂
    Die Bilder und natürlich auch die Kollektion ist so wunderbar schön .

    xx Julia